How to setup Email in Mozilla Thunderbird 17 (POP)

Advisory notice. Thunderbird is a free application and anybody using a version older than 17, it is suggested you upgrade directly from Mozilla –

Step 1. Open Thunderbird then click on ‘Create a New Account’

Step 2. Select ‘Skip this and use my existing email’ as shown below

Step 3. Now complete the details on the wizard that will load up. Once done click ‘Continue’

Step 4. Thunderbird will now attempt to look for your Server Settings but the ones it finds will be incorrect. To continue, click the ‘Manual Config’ option.

Step 5. At this point, you now need to enter your incoming and outgoing mail server addresses and full email address into the appropriate boxes. Once completed click the ‘Retest & Done’ option.



Step 6. Now you will be presented with a warning regarding encryption. To proceed, select ‘I Understand The Risks’ and then click ‘Done’

Now note. If you are still having trouble sending mail, you may need to change your SMTP Port. Information on how to do this can be found here.

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