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Local SEO explained -
How to use the internet
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Much has been written and said about SEO and getting found on the internet, and for many small business owners, it can seem like a labyrinth of over-complicated information. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and deciphering what strategy to use can be a daunting prospect.

Not anymore! At Web Design in Horsham we’ve simplified things by combining two proven tactics into one, pay per month solution. We won’t baffle you with un-necessary jargon and the pricing structure is simple, transparent and affordable.

In essence, there are two main ways of being found locally on-line – When people visit your Google My Business Listing or they find your website.

Let’s go into a bit more detail….

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Google My Business Listing

Although you may not know it by name you’ll no doubt recognise it. Google My Business listings are shown on the map that identifies businesses with red pins and then displays their details. This appears above where websites are shown and gives those listed, a huge advantage over local competitors.

And don’t forget, the companies that appear there don’t do it by accident. Often they have worked hard to achieve their position in the ‘3 pack’ by setting up their page correctly, amassing customer reviews and constantly interacting with visitors.

That’s where we can help! We offer the complete hands-free service and will set up, optimise, publish articles and manage your Google listing leaving you free to answer the enquiries and run your business

Website - Local Search Pages

Having a great website is the perfect way of showcasing your business and the services you provide but is it enough to get found on the internet? With so many companies vying for top spot on Google, having a professional SEO strategy is equally important if you’re going to compete which is where ‘Local Search pages’ come in.

To achieve this, we’ll research pertinent key words and phrases and create 5 new and unique pages every month which will be published on your WordPress website.

Search engines such as Google promote websites that have regular new content added and this proven strategy will not only give your business a wider local reach but also at a far more affordable price than traditional ‘Pay per click’ campaigns (that can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds per month).

The benefits at a glance


Proven strategies to create sustainable results


Pound for pound the most cost-effective SEO around

Hassle Free

We’ll do all the work leaving you to run your business


The local name to trust with numerous 5 Star reviews

A choice of combined or stand-alone services

Our local SEO services are ideal for small, medium and start up businesses that want to harness the power of the internet and drive more local enquiries their way. When combined, a Google My Business listing and local search pages makes for a powerful marketing tool that will give you a huge advantage over the local competition.

However, they can also be commissioned separately – the choice is yours!

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